Massive Monster’s 2022 indie hit Cult of the Lamb has a massive fanbase at this point, so it hardly comes as a surprise that we have super limited run controllers dedicated to it as well. Yes, you heard that right -  as of Friday, CptnAlex is selling a limited number of custom (yet licensed) Xbox, Switch, and DualSense controllers that are inspired by the game via their website. Be warned though, they’re not cheap so make sure your pocket is deep enough.

There are only 125 of each of these controllers and CptnAlex is selling custom DualSenses, Xbox controllers, Joycon, and Pro Controllers. The price is $165 per controller and they sport a truly gorgeous design with the main protagonist chilling on a bed of flowers in the spotlight.

In case you buy the whole package, you’ll get the following:

  • An officially licensed custom controller

  • Premium packaging

  • An exclusive two-inch hard enamel spinner pin

  • Stainless steel authenticity card signed by artist CptnAlex

The controllers are expected to ship in October 2022.

CptnAlex has been a custom controller artist since 2013 and they’ve made a lot of brilliant-looking visuals based on iconic franchises like Persona 5, Super Mario Bros, and Hollow Knight among many others. As they say on their website: “By taking some old comic book pages, I created my first ever Comic Controller – a video game controller decoupaged in comic book pages – and started up my Etsy store later that day. The reception was huge. In 2020, the Etsy page turned into a full-on retail store. He says he wants to “find your passion and craft it into an incredible controller that changes the way you game and puts a smile on your face before your console even boots up.””

If you’re a fan of the game and you have some spare money, you can check out the offer and claim your Cult of the Lamb controllers while they’re still up.