Far From Home have announced that their airship survival and crafting game, Forever Skies is coming to Steam Early Access on June 22, 2023.

Forever Skies puts you in a disease-ravaged world, where you get to build and pilot an airship base to find a cure. Along the way, you’ll get to expand your facilities, search for new technologies and resources, and even manage the weight and integrity of your airship.

The developers added that “The Early Access version will offer plenty of mechanics and activities to play within a vast world ready to be explored, all of which will engage players for many hours.” As they also say, it will take roughly 30 hours to beat the game. Lastly, they plan to include co-op in Forever Skies later in Early Access.

Forever Skies is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on June 22, 2023. The plan is to have it standing there for about a year.