Sega Europe and Relic Entertainment have announced that they laid off 121 employees from Relic.

The press release cites “external factors” and adds that this is part of a wider restructuring of the studio.

Relic Entertainment is a Canadian studio behind hit titles like Homeworld and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. They mostly focus on creating strategy games, with the most recent one being Company of Heroes 3. While the game did well critically, user reception was much worse, especially in regard to microtransactions In any case, if missing targets was the reason for the job cuts, Sega hasn’t disclosed anything.

“Relic and SEGA remain fully committed to supporting and investing in our titles, including the recently released Company of Heroes 3. We’re confident that following this necessary restructuring, Relic will be in a position of strength to continue delivering outstanding experiences to players all over the world,” the press release says.

We wish people who were affected by the layoffs to find a new home where they can continue doing what they love as soon as possible.