The spellcasting roguelite Wizard of Legend will be getting a sequel. Wizard of Legend II is a follow-up to 2018’s original game, but now it’s making a shift from 2D to 3D.

Announced during Humble Games Showcase 2023, Wizard of Legend II is developed by Dead Game (the folks behind Children of Morta) and published by Humble. The studio now confirmed that Wizard of Legend is a Humble-owned IP and the original developer (Contingent99) is also on board and consulting on the project.

One huge difference between Wizard of Legends II and its predecessor is in its style. Unlike the 2D style in the original, the sequel will be switching to a 3D overhead view. Based on what we know, the rest looks the same. Up to four players can join, which keeps the same co-op appeal of the first Wizard of Legend.

At the moment, we have no release date but we know that the game is in development and we have a special Steam page. We will keep you updated once more information rolls out.