Square Enix have announced that their dark action RPG, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be coming to Steam on April 6, just a little over year from its initial release on Xbox, PlayStation, and Epic Games Store in March 2022.

Developed by hack-and-slash geniuses from Team Ninja, Stranger of Paradise is a brand new take on the original Final Fantasy lore and sees a protagonist Jack embarking on a mission to eradicate the embodiment of Chaos. While devoted fans of the original NES iteration are very familiar with the plot of that game, they can expect things to play out very differently in this game. That’s all I can say, without giving away unnecessary spoilers.

While the game got favorable reviews from the critics and the players in general, the reception was somewhat more divisive within the Final Fantasy community itself. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is coming to Steam on April 6 at a “permanently discounted” price. It is also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via the Epic Games Store.