The smash-hit, super-compelling mobile title Vampire Survivors just got its first DLC expansion on both iOS and Android.

You can buy the Legacy of the Moonspell expansion right now on both mobile platforms for a special launch price of just $0.99 (the regular price is $1.99).

Legacy of the Moonspell includes a whole range of new characters, weapons, stages, achievements, and six brand-new tracks to bang our heads on. Set in feudal Japan, the plot focuses on a party of monster hunters (The Moonspell) who need to take up arms to drive back oni and yokai attackers to cleanse the sacred mountains of this unholy activity.

The expansion also includes a new locale Mt. Moonspell, a huge map that boasts snow-topped mountains, an abandoned castle, and an overrun village. You can choose one out of eight new warriors to join the battle with along with 13 new weapons, many of which are imbued with ancient and mythic abilities. From Four Seasons battle orbs and Silver Wind staff to a deadly kimono known as The Mirage Robe, there’s something for everyone!

Vampire Survivors is now available on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices.