The horrifying space-submarine simulator Barotrauma has finally left Early Access after four long years and got a full-blown release that we were eagerly waiting for.

Barotrauma tells the story of humanity that strives to survive on Jupiter’s Moon, Europa. Since its surface got so badly irradiated, the only way to survive is beneath the waves in submarines. You need to build up your own submarine and explore the space oceans. You’ll have plenty of missions to run and alien ruins to delve into, all while fighting the terrors of the deep.

The game is primarily a multiplayer experience. You can also play against the bots if you prefer, but the enjoyment will (of course) be reduced.  Competing with your friends just feels special.

The final patch will adjust the faction and reputation system and will focus on end-game campaign stuff. You can see the full patch notes here.

Barotrauma is now available on PC.