As a part of Nacon Connect 2023’s live stream, the studio showed off a new gameplay overview for their artistic fantasy roguelite Ravenswatch, which is going into Early Access on Steam on April 6.

Developed by a French studio Passtech Games (the folks behind the critically acclaimed Curse of the Dead Gods), Ravenswatch sees a whole range of familiar characters of legend like The Snow Queen, Beowulf, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Pied Piper, coming together to save a fantasy kingdom from an army of dark corruption, manifesting as a bunch of demons and monsters.

Each hero has its own unique skills and abilities with new talents becoming available as you progress and level up in the world. And as your party grows, you will continuously be pushed to perform better and better.

Ravenswatch will be entering Steam Early Access on April 6. You can sign up on the official Steam page.