34BigThings have announced that their interactive adaptation of Roberto Saviano’s novel Gomorrah is now live on both PC and mobile platforms.

The story focuses on a lady named Nina Miniero, a daughter of a Naplese crime boss. Her 18th birthday party was sabotaged, which resulted in the death of her father, after which young Nina decided to take justice into her own hands and get proper revenge. As a player, you’ll get to lead the entire family through various procedurally created missions, making each playthrough unique and different. You’ll get one of 8 possible endings depending on your personal choices, so that’s quite a lot of replay value right there.

The game is presented largely as a choice-driven visual novel with visuals crafted by comic artist Luca Negri and gameplay revolving around decision-making (most of the time). The team added that they weren’t able to cooperate with Roberto Saviano (the author) himself, but he did provide some guidance on how to set things up accordingly.

Gomorrah is available right now on PC, iOS, and Android.