Square Enix’s spellbound epic, Forspoken is now available for purchase on PS5 and PC, and Luminous Productions have announced that a PC demo will also be available starting today on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store.

The demo will give PC players the chance to experience the game’s effect-laden magic adventure (and see if their rig can handle the game’s technical requirements) before getting the full version. This is a game that is well worth upgrading your PC because the graphics are easily some of the best ones ever seen in gaming. And the gameplay, quite honestly, isn’t far behind based on my experience with the PS5 version.

The plot focuses on a street kid named Frey Holland. She finds herself plucked from the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and ending up in Athia, a fantasy world currently under siege by a corrupted group known as “The Break”. It is now up to our female heroine to save the day, kick the founders’ asses, and come back safe and sound. Sounds simple enough, what could go wrong?

Forspoken is coming to PS5 and PC today.