Square Enix have confirmed that all major support for Chocobo GP is coming to an end. In other words, yesterday’s Season 5 update will be the very last one.

This will be the last season where prize pass levels will be used in the special Chocobo GP mode. On top of that, all major additions, like new maps and characters won’t be arriving in any future updates. The GP mode itself will still be playable and rankings will continue but without the use of prize pass levels, identical to the current season off period.

Sales of Mythril (currency for the shop) have also been discontinued on Nintendo’s eShop, so if you still have some Mythril that you can spend, make sure you do that before the shop is gone for good on January 6, 2023.

New items will continue to be added during the course of the entire season but the same items could also end up going to the ticket or gil shops, making them available without Mithril as well. As Square Enix pointed out, items originally added to the Mythril shop during Seasons 1 through 4 may also be added to the ticket or gil shops in the en

Chocobo GP didn’t get the best reception overall, but still, it makes me sad to see that Square will be pulling the brake on their online support. I hope things will improve in the coming months. I have fond memories of the game and I wouldn’t like to see it die. But time will tell, I guess.