A free-to-play mobile card game Marvel Snap is going viral since its release and it managed to rake in a staggering $2 million USD in revenue just a week ago. Available on both mobile platforms and PC, the game has already been downloaded by more than 5 million players.

Marvel Snap is a strategic card battler that focuses on the heroes and villains of the legendary Marvel universe. People can engage in battles, single-player challenges, and objective-based modes with the heroes they choose and set against the backdrop of famous locales from the comic book universe. The game looks amazing visually and it has quite speedy gameplay. The battle lasts around three to minutes on average.

The data was compiled by AppMagic and reported by mobilegamer.biz, and it shows that the United States has the most downloads (as expected), counting for roughly 1.3 million players and $1.2 million in revenue. The second most popular country is Brazil, with 433 000 players, and then Italy with 342 000. The iOS version of the game has a nice share of the player base as well.

Marvel Snap is available now on PC, iOS, and Android.