Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced that they have increased their stake in Limbic Entertainment and they are now a majority shareholder in the German studio that is best known for the strategy sequel Tropico 6.

“This investment is much more than a strategic move for Bandai Namco,” writes Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe CEO Arnaud Muller in a press release. “For the past three years, we have worked together on the creation of new IPs. The first game Park Beyond will be released in 2023 but there is much more to come. This investment is just the continuity of our existing relationship, and we will help Limbic become the new reference in strategy and simulation games”.

“With Bandai Namco, we are very lucky to have a partner who shares our goals, values, and commitment to develop amazing titles,” says Limbic Entertainment co-founder and CEO Stephan Winter. “Working together up to this point has already shown the trust and mutual respect that characterizes our relationship. Solidifying this bond gives us the opportunity to up our game — to plan even more ambitiously and bring Limbic Entertainment to the next level.”

Bandai Namco previously purchased a minority stake in Limbic last year, and over time, they obviously saw huge potential in the company and they’ve now taken steps to take control of the indie outfit.

Park Beyond is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC at some point in the future.