Did you ever wonder what the ska version of the iconic Chocobo theme sounds like? Well, thanks to this wonderful tweet from a user named itsybatsy, you can listen to it right here. I already broke the repeat button.

The theme comes from Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, which came out roughly eight years ago. The game is no longer available, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop the FF community from sharing the lovely moments they had in the game before the servers were shut down on September 29. That includes some exclusive aesthetics and songs as well. The game features multiple versions of the Chocobo theme, including this fiddle-related sampling, as well as more traditional versions.

And now with the iconic ska version ready, we can be sure that the assets of this game will be preserved in one form or another.  Final Fantasy: Record Keeper deserved this kind of tribute no matter how good/bad it was at the time.

Once again, you can listen to the ska version of the Chocobo theme here.