Nacon have announced that WRC Generation will not meet its October 13 release date and the racer is now scheduled for launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on November 3. A Nintendo Switch port is coming out at a later point.

Speaking on Twitter, the company states that they’ve decided to bring the console release in line with the PC launch date to do some additional (and necessary) polishing. Console players can pre-order WRC Generations right now to get a bonus vehicle — the Peugeot 206 WRC model. Even though the PC players can’t pre-order the game right now, the good news is that everyone who purchases WRC Generations on PC within its first two weeks of release will still be able to snatch the bonus vehicle.

The game promises to deliver the most content ever seen in a rally game. Other than hosting more than 750 km of racetrack from 22 countries in total, the new sequel will also include 49 teams from the official WRC 2022 season, as well as 37 legendary cars and 165 timed special stages. If that’s not enough, the game will also feature hybrid cars for the first time ever. All of them have their own unique racing strategies, which are based on the battery management of the mud-rippers.

WRC Generations is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on November 3.