PC Hardware took a look at the latest Abit T400 video card based on the nVidia GeForce MX400. According to the review they say that like most Abit products the card is very oveclockable and performs better than the nVidia reference card in benchmarks. Heres a quote:

    "The board has 64Mb SDRAM memory and it features a S-Video TV ouput via a Chrontel CH7007A-T chip. No, the heatsink isn't covered by a fan mainly because the MX runs cooler than the GTS. Abit uses good quality EliteMT 6ns memory. This memory is limited to 166Mhz but in our previous tests with this memory we were able to go beyond this limit quite easily. It should be appreciated that Abit included the S-Video cable in the package and an Y type spliter so users with composite video only to be able to watch..."