Bethesda have reconfirmed that the new Fallout 76 update will roll out in December as it was planned from the very beginning.

The team will celebrate the Fallout 25th anniversary starting on October 4 and the festivities will bring a lot of bonus weekends as well as the From Beyond/Halloween-themed Spooky Scorched seasonal events. Starting from  November 3, Community CAMP Creations will be celebrated, which will bring more bonus weekends as well as a legendary purveyor sale. The bonus weekends will have double XP added to the mix this time around as well.

The main event is scheduled for December, as the Nuka-World On Tour update will arrive in that period and it will add even more content to the game. Bethesda also confirmed that they are planning to reopen the Public Test Server for a new round of playtesting in October. 

Here’s what the Nuka-World On Tour update will bring to the table:

  • We have a story tease from Bethesda: “The Fizziest Show on Earth has kicked the irradiated dust off the tires and hit the road”

  • It’ll add new public events and a region boss public event series

  • The update will kick off Season 11.