A shop management sim from Voracious Games and XSEED, Potionomics is ready to hit PC via Steam and that is happening on October 17.

The plot follows an eager upstart named Sylvia who has taken over a potion shop after her uncle disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Even though she has limited knowledge of how to make and sell potions, it is up to Sylvia to manage the shop properly and outsmart her competitors.

Potionomics combines a couple of different genres. You can brew potions to keep up with your customers’ needs and the game offers a whole store management aspect that allows you to put out new products and upgrade your store to attract more customers in the long run.

Once a customer wants to buy something, the game turns into a card-based duel that reminds me of good
Slay the Spire
-style encounters. You also have social links with the townsfolk and some of these connections could end up being a lasting romance.

A demo is also on its way and it’ll be up just in time for Steam Next Fest, so you can try it before release, which is awesome.

Potionomics is coming to PC via Steam on October 17. Don’t miss out on the trailer below: