According to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, a new Pokemon Unite core map is on its way.

Even though the game experimented with very uneven events, quick map, and minigames, this is the first time the actual new core mode has been teased ahead of launch. So basically, we have the same basic two-lane layout as the core one, but with a couple of changes.

Here are the new things that Thea Sky Ruins is bringing to the table:

1. Rayquaza is the boss in the middle.
2. Jungling will be different and it will have new layouts.
3. It has new visuals.

There are some departures from the norm but they aren’t too significant, which is awesome. It’s nice that we have a familiar layout but with a full visual reboot to make it look better. After one full year of playing the same map over and over, it’s nice to see something new, even if the changes are minimal.

We should “stay tuned for future information”, as these are all the details we have at this point. We don’t know how the map will rotate and/or whether it is going to replace the original map but we will find out soon enough.

You can check out the map reveal below: