Idea Factory have announced that their spin-off series Sisters VS Sisters will be heading west next year. It’s the most recent chapter in the Neptunia series and it launched in Japan in April this year.

The plot of Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters takes place in the land known as Gameindustri. This wonderful land gets besieged by a group of aggressors known as the “Trendi Outbreaks” and it is up to NepGear and her buddies to restore peace and order to Planeptune and GameIndustri as a whole.

The game will see you leading a team of Neptunia superstars into battle against the Trendi Phenomenon. Along the way, you’ll get to level up and evolve your characters, beat a bunch of enemies, and learn new moves, combos, and chain attacks. You’ll also be able to take on a variety of different sub-missions that you will discover via the popular social media known as “Chirper.” You can expect a lot of funny dialogues, in-depth character accessorization, unlockable characters, and the obligatory photo mode.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will launch on PC and PlayStation at some point in 2023. You can watch the opening movie trailer below: