Nintendo have added a trio of classic NES and SNES games that Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now grab for free.

The first game in line is the 1993 Data East platformer Congo’s Caper. The game puts you in the role of a prehistoric half-monkey, half-man, named Congo. The game will see you exploring different worlds and fighting enemies like pirates, ninjas, demons, and even T-Rexes.

The second game is none other than the 1983 NES launch title Pinball. The timeless classic features a Breakout-style mode with Mario and Pauline in lead roles.

Lastly, we have Rival Turf! This is basically the SNES version of Streets of Rage and it was developed by Jaleco back in 1993. You’re playing as Jack Flak and police officer Oozie Nelson, and your job is to rescue your girlfriend Heather from street thugs. According to Wikipedia, this game also kickstarted the Rushing Beat trilogy, though the subsequent entries were released unrelated outside of Japan.

You can grab all three games right now if you have the Nintendo Switch Online membership. Also, don’t miss out on the trailer below: