Once again VE comes up with the interviews, today they have interviewed Derek Smart about his upcoming game, Battlecruiser 3000 AD. Here's a snip:

    Voodoo Extreme - Your work and troubles on Battlecruiser 3000 AD have been well documented elsewhere. Are you afraid that the game's previous history will affect how people will react to Battlecruiser Millennium?

    Derek Smart - Not really. You see, there has been one successful title since that disastrous 1996 release. BC3K v2.0 was released by Interplay in 1998, followed by GTi and JOAG in 1999, and it did quite well, actually. Especially for a DOS title competing in a Windows, DirectX gaming environment.

    Battlecruiser Millennium, BCM, is so far removed from BC3K, its not even funny. Apart from a complete and total overhaul of all engines in the game, it has morphed into much, much more. In fact, the demos have been so widely downloaded and successful, that I am now in the state of mind where I'm just coasting along and winding things down.

    The fact is, the fans of the series won't let anything come between them and BCM. Therefore, the noise that any naysayers come up with, will be drowned, due to the size of the BC install base. We are legion!