The five-year-old title is now fully up to date with its PC and console versions, as well as four-player online drop-in and drop-out co-op. The Switch version comes along with a new Xenobiology update that launched for the game on all formats, and this update is available on Nintendo Switch right now as well.

The latest update introduces new creatures known as Galastropods or space snails. They love treats and they are energized every time they are fed. Once they become full, they give you a buff and even a bonus if you give them their favorite foods. You can also embark on a brand new journey in Adventure Mode to uncover the mystery behind their arrival.

The update also includes new missions that new players can access as well as brand new recall rewards that you can claim. And if you choose to play in creative mode, you will be spawning new space snails via the Discoveries tab. You can check out the full patch notes on the official blog.

Astroneer is available right now on the Nintendo Switch right now. You can check out the trailer for yourself down below.