Mayhem in Single Valley Review

Dripping in just the kind of pixels I like, Mayhem in Single Valley is an adventure puzzler with an apocalyptic twist! Poor Jack, our unfortunate main character, has found himself in a bit of a predicament--the very state of reality in Single Valley is crumbling before our very eyes! It's up to Jack to keep it together for the sake of the population around him by solving various problems with a clever head!

The gameplay in Mayhem in Single Valley feels interestingly intricate, yet simple at the same time. Most of the enemies can be deterred by trickery, or by throwing things at them...but the real core of everything revolves around the puzzle solving. I do have to say too--if you're a puzzle gamer, this is certainly a great title for you! They're thought provoking without being impossibly hard in skill level, and quite well designed on the whole. A bit of juggling will have to be done at times with the odd baddie being thrown in--but that's part of the whole challenge!

The music in Mayhem in Single Valley is one of the rare cases where I would actually buy the soundtrack in addition to the game itself. Along with many other collectibles you can find throughout Jack's journey, one of my favourites to spot is the elusive mix tapes. These contain new music which sometimes is cleverly used to introduce new areas of the game along with it's accompanying atmosphere. Head bobbers for sure, this is one game that sounded ace in my headphones!

tinyBuild has been well known for publishing it's pixelated titles, and developers Fluxscopic Ltd. have nailed that vision perfectly. On par with Party Hard 2--the mixture of pixel and 3D blends seamlessly into each other and is so much fun to play in and look at. I do have a weak spot for this sort of thing, and Mayhem certainly exploits that in the best way!

Happy to recommend this title to anyone looking for a new puzzle game in their library! It'll keep you thinking on your toes, along side an interesting story-building experience. Check this one out on Steam today!