Super Meat Boy Forever Review

Super Meat Boy, in essence, is a side-scrolling reflex runner set in a brutal cartoony world. A simplistic way of breaking it down, but this game is far from being simple to beat. Unless you have the patience of a saint and natural reflexes of a Jedi -- chances are you're going to have a tough time.

Discouraging? Nah! There's quite a few addicting qualities to this gauntlet trotter. For one, the controls are fairly simple. You have a slide, wall jump, punch, and things keep moving forward (whether or not you like it.). One less thing to focus on as you're going to be called into action to employ countless variations of these. A huge redeeming quality is the instant restart--no time to really get down on yourself, keep chugging along you little hamburger! Without this, Super Meat Boy Forever surely would be responsible for many, MANY broken televisions and controllers.

If you're a crusty old adult that's let their ninja skills slip over time like me, you might find all the above way more applicable than you want it to be. However, if you have a kiddo like mine that possesses the tenacity to master a game like this, you might be surprised just how much fun it can bring. Like night and day when the controller was handed down into those smaller set of hands--suddenly our squidgy hero was pulling off all the moves as the level seamlessly ran past!

When its done right, a game like Super Meat Boy Forever can turn into an elegant ballet of its own. Since the only two choices are to live or die without a real in-between, the result of success ends up looking remarkably attractive. As you might have guessed by this point, I've resigned myself to watching someone better play after finding my Meat Boy shredded to a thousand meaty pieces time and time again. Not for me, this one, but I can say with an honest hat on that if you find the challenge calling out to you, enjoy watching more difficult Let's Plays, or have someone you know that seems to fit the bill for these types of deathy runners--then its an amazing pick! Aside from the above, the levels are very diverse along with some extremely interesting boss battles...not to mention the characters are the best kind of silly. No doubt Super Meat Boy Forever will evoke a wide spectrum of emotions as you laugh and rage your way along!