Mojang have announced that their cubic adventurer Minecraft Dungeons will have cross-play support enabled starting from November 17. Players on all platforms (PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch) will get a special update, and after that, they will be able to rally their forces and join the exciting escapades within the creepy caverns of the Overworld together.

Soon after that, the third DLC expansion (Howling Peaks) will also be released and it will introduce new dungeons, enemies, missions, and gear. These two additions will ensure that the popularity of the game continues for the foreseeable future.

Minecraft Dungeons has quite a big player base already and it won an army of followers with its charming visuals and a stripped-down approach to the dungeon-crawling genre, which makes it a perfect adventure title for both veterans and newcomers alike. It's also a perfect game for families to enjoy together. Now is an ideal moment to jump in, if you haven't played it already.