Nintendo have just dropped a new trailer where we can see a short preview of the upcoming update for the mobile battler Fire Emblem Heroes. The update is going live today and this summoning event will see a group of heroes donning their most ostentatious finery before going into the battle.

Special Heroes that will be added to the roster include the noble healer Ehlyn, a noble crusader Quan, a dual-hero in the form of Sigurd and his wife Deidre, as well as a valiant princess Lachesis. All of these characters already appeared together in the 1996 Super Famicom release Genealogy of the Holy War so this is just the next step.

As you might expect, all of these new characters will be accompanied by a new paralogue chapter, titled "To Stay Dreaming" (what an appropriate name). The event will go live any time now so you better get ready! Oh yeah, you can watch the trailer here: