Stardew Valley is a game full of content, but for those of us who want more, we can always install some additional mods. The modding scene in this game is incredibly robust and anyone can make up their own scenario. One mod that really stands out from the bunch is.....a mod that brings in a marriage proposal.

A user called Chubbyloveshinobi posted a short scene on Reddit and it suggests that two people arranged their own wedding after an in-game event. We've had these things happening in other games (like World of Warcraft) but this is the first time that we have a real-life marriage coming out of a bond that is formed in Stardew Valley.

The lucky Chubbyloveshinobi said that the wedding is scheduled for next week and we wish the best of luck to both of them. I wish we had more things like these in the gaming world, we really need them.