Believe it or not, update #20 is now on the horizon for the massively popular Dead Cells. Even better - the pace is not slowing down at all!

The Barrels o' Fun update has a new late-game zone, The Derelict Distillery that you will have a chance to encounter the next time you decide to skip the High Peak Castle. It has plenty of explosive barrels and some of them will be thrown right in front of your face. If that's not enough, the whole place is riddled with traps so you need to be really and I mean really careful.

Some of the other additions worth mentioning are a Tesla Coil Turret (my favorite addition here, to be honest), an alternate original soundtrack with "demake/8-bit/chiptune" renditions (that you can always swap to in the Sound menu) and....well, plenty of rats. We can never have enough, I guess.

Barrels o' Fun is now live on Steam and it's coming by the end of the summer to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.