We wrote about Sigma's new outfit yesterday when we mentioned the "Cities and Countries" album and well...it looks awesome indeed. The good news is - the skin is up for grabs right now!

What we have in front of us is (yet another) time-limited challenge and you can take part until July 27 to claim your prize. Basically, what you need to do is win three games (Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade) and you will get the Maestro Player icon. Six wins will give you the Maestro emote and nine wins will give you the Legendary Maestro Sigma character skin. It's not that easy to obtain it, though, but be patient and you will succeed.

We also have a Twitch drop component that rewards watch time with sprays. Just another reason to log in and have some blast with Overwatch until.........well, until Overwatch 2 comes out. Hop in!