World of Warcraft is still going strong. Even though many are predicting its downfall for years, the numbers speak for themselves. The developers are more dedicated than ever and they really want the wheel to just keep rolling.

Anyway, Blizzard have just dropped a short story called "A Moment in Verse". The story revolves around one of the coolest zones in the game, Suramar. We got the chance to explore this wonderful area in the previous expansion while freeing the Nightborne from the Burning Legion. The story focuses on a victory (or "you") and the Nightborne leader, First Arcanist Thalyssra. If you ever wanted to learn more about Suramar and its ancient tradition, you should definitely check out "A Moment in Verse".

By the way, the story is written by Madeleine Roux who will also handle the Shadowlands prequel novel, Shadows Rising that will drop this July.

A good reason to subscribe before Shadownlads drops as well. Just what we needed.