Exit the Gungeon Review

Devolver Digital seems to always bring the goods to the table, and I'm pleased to report that Exit The Gungeon is no different! A pixel roguelite shooter that peppers in a heavy bit of bullet hell, this title will do all it can to make you bend your knee to it. Exit The Gungeon is fantastic, brutal and we've got it in the palm of our hands with the Nintendo Switch version.

If you find yourself a fan of roguelites, it's going to come to no surprise as to how the cards aren't stacked in your favour. Permadeath looms--this will be your first clue as to whom you're dealing with here. Thin skinned need not apply...you will die, and you will die a lot. Plopped in the middle of a dungeon you're told to escape--well, that's it, isn't it? Get out of the dungeon! Easy as walking through the front door though? I'd beg to see myself out of the mayhem that's about to ensue.

As with any classic bullet hell (if you're not familiar with the genre), you'll be flanked left, right and centre by a barrage of enemy fire. The screen will fill with potential death, which means dodging will be a skill demanding to be sharpened. Depending on how you like to play, twin sticks will either make this a easier feat or a more difficult endeavour. As with most roguelites, you'll find yourself in the midst of some nice upgrades after small successes--something to sweeten the deal a bit and give you a false sense of hope that you'll actually see light of day out of the dungeon. 

You get your choice of a small handful of characters. Each one with their own perks and weapons which leads to a good development in the player's own personal style. They're all just different enough to make figuring out who you sit well with completely worth it. Enemies have a nice comical style about them too--nothing too repetitive (not like you'd notice with all the firefight on your screen), but some really visually well designed baddies. Some look cute, some look just plain hilarious, but all are out to stop you in your tracks, and won't hesitate to do so.

Difficulty. Now I mentioned that Exit The Gungeon is no slouch in this department, and that holds true. Tenacious players with cat-like reflexes will find this title to be a cakewalk. As for the normal, I-can-barely-catch-a-butterfly-in-Animal-Crossing folk--well, uh...maybe this one isn't for you. It's still fun, but it can really cause some rage-quitting moments if you don't have the chops for this sort of thing. Reviewing it on the Nintendo Switch as well...I mean, you don't want to throw that cute little handheld across the room, do you?

Okay you do. Right, well the Nintendo Switch version works magically well with Exit The Gungeon's format. Great to play on the big screen and just as entertaining on the small one. Controls can get frantic at times, but in all the Switch is built very well for games like this. On recommendations--it's a MUST HAVE if you're into bullet hells and the pain they bring. Some people report beating it no problem, and some still struggle after having it for ages in their library, but one thing I've seen in common: both camps have equal the amount of fun. I would do your homework if you're looking for a tough game with a solid challenge, but I can tell you the polish Exit The Gungeon displays is so very worth the hurt.