Indie developer LionWing announced that that The Adventures of Ten & Till is coming to the west (via Steam) later this year. The game was initially released in Japan back in 2016 and now, 4 years later, the time has come for the western audience to have a bite as well.

The game focuses on two heroes who embark on a mission to save and protect the peaceful land of Lowres from the so-called "Waves of Evolution". With Princess Pixel at their side, Ten and Till must battle through nine different stages full of Cave-inspired, taking down all kinds of baddies along the way. Yeah, trust me, it's fun.

The game also includes some typical features like character switching, plenty of shot choices, multiple different endings, and a kick-ass soundtrack. Don't miss out on this game when it comes out on Steam eventually! Here's an epic teaser to keep you warmed up in the meantime: