Atreus' journal is coming up later this year and now we know one crucial detail - all of the great travels of Kratos and his son will be described from the perspective of....well, Kratos' son. He kept the record of their adventures in Norway very diligently and you will be able to experience that as a reader.

God of War is celebrating its second anniversary today and Sony Santa Monic used the opportunity to remind us that God of War: Lore and Legends is well underway. This amazing diary is a fitting recreation of the Atreus diary kept during the game. The book will have 120 pages and it will include an expanded bestiary, character dossiers, and some new lore details. The release date will be September 9 and the price will be $35.

Sony also revealed a 25-inch Kratos bust made by Gaming Heads. It looks ultra-realistic and it's filled with amazing details that every die-hard God of War fan will know how to appreciate. Oh yeah...and it's also quite expensive. One unit will cost you $800! Yeah, definitely not an offer for poor people like me.

God of War: Lore and legends will be released on September 9.