Great news coming for all fans of the Sonic movie! The best video game movie ever (it's unofficial, but you doesn't suck like the others) will get its own digital release. That's right, Paramount Pictures have accelerated the digital release of Sonic the Hedgehog. Only six weeks after its debut in the theatres, you will be able to buy the movie digitally starting from March 31. The price is set at $20.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an ideal movie to watch while being in a coronavirus quarantine, although it's perfect on other occasions as well. If you didn't watch the movie yet, please do so, you will love it, I can guarantee!

Other versions of the movie will be available as well but those will not be available until May 19. Well, that date is not far off either and if we keep rolling as our buddy Sonic does, it will arrive in no time.