Quite a big change is coming to Hearthstone. We didn't have a new class since 2014, but a new one will be added in the nearest future. It will be none other than Demon Hunter! And guess what else is new? Illidan will be in the spotlight! You didn't see that coming, did you?

Demon Hunter's Hero power will be "+1 attack" which isn't that exciting in itself, but when you look at the fact that the class is bringing a whole bunch of cards that promote aggressive gameplay, you will realize that this combo is certainly very useful. The new class will also sport the "Outcast" keyword that rewards some awesome bonuses if cards are played from the "left or right-most position" in one's hand.

Illidan will be playable in the Battlegrounds on March 26 but the full class will be available starting from April 2. We will get a prologue campaign and four solo missions that will unlock the class along with 10 basic cards a 10 basic card set and a 20-card Initiate set. All of this will kick in right on time for April 7. That is when the new Ashes of Outland expansion will launch. Damn, I have The Burning Crusade vibes now.

Take a look at the cinematic teaser here: