Let's take a beautiful journey with a couple of Weavlings, of which one is blind and the other deaf. You switch between the two Weavlings to make it past puzzles and obstacles. Breathtaking organic life set in the world. After a short and undefined opening story, you set out to conquer the world that lies before the Weavlings. The Blind Weavling has very sharp hearing. Good for listening to music and other unheard sounds unheard by the Deaf Weavling. Vividly bright and beautiful sight for the Deaf weavling is key to your journey. You will find little spots to where you can sit and paint a picture of certain scenes. They both have unique qualities and the weaknesses are evened out when they both come together.

There really isn't much to this game besides the puzzles that you have to overcome. There are certain spots as mentioned above that you will be able to interact with, though there is nothing significant about the prompts.Being a long time gamer, I expected more secrets or other activities. There was nothing of the sort in this game. Though that fact did take away from this game, it did not crush my opinion. I would like to state that if there is to be a sequel, maybe more side activities could be put in the game. It could have been way more if there was even a little bit of activities. For the Blind one, you find spots to bang on drums, play something like a xylophone and other musical instruments that the Weavlings use, that is all it is. Nothing more. No reward or no interaction to open a door or anything.

Getting away from that subject, I would like to say that besides all of the opinions above, I very much enjoyed the unique graphics. That is what took me. It is magical and very inviting. I have really started opening my mind to Indie games and a wide range are available. Weakless is one of those games where I enjoyed it and see much potential. If all goes well, maybe there will be additions, or DLC. 

This is a very short but potent game. I do encourage gamers looking for something different to give Weakless a go. There was no narration during the cutscenes or videos, you can kind of get the point, though it is a little misleading. Overall good game. Looking forward to more like this.