Eight Grand Prix events have passed, one more left. Beenox announced that, even though the content has not been finalized just yet, the next Grand Prix will be the last.

Going forward, Beenox will keep the player base active by introducing a new challenge system. After the last Grand Prix ends, you will be able to get Wumpa coins in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that are "relevant to all game modes". The team will post time trials with their high scores on each track, and if you manage to beat those records, a "special reward" will be waiting for you.

The Pit Store is not going anywhere either. It will be equipped with brand new karts, skins, characters, paint jobs, and even decals. The old seasonal will most likely return as well and you'll be able to refresh your Pit Stop selection "up to two times per day."

Hold on tight, the best things are yet to come to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. My adrenaline-loving spirit is ready!