Valve have announced that their first-party Auto Chess game, Dota Underlords is coming to Steam next month. On February 25, that is.

That's the same time when a patch that will introduce Enno, The Scavenger King is coming out as well. Valve surely knows how to make things exciting!

It should also be added that the game soft-launched on Steam last June as a result of a slightly confusing series of Auto Chess spinoffs that were created out of Dota 2's Game Editor. One of these spinoffs got out of Valve's platform and Riot quickly followed suit with their own take on the spionff (Teamfight Tactics, that is). Soon after that, Valve decided to make the official version of the spinoff, which is (of course) Dota Underlords.

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to February 25 already!