OK. So I have been watching this play out for a while now, and I've been obsvering Day of Dragons from afar with a certain sceptical scrutiny. Frankly, even without my journalistic hat on, it worries me. It worries me a lot. There's a lot here I could say about the developer, and the whole Kickstarter ... but ... it has been said far more eloquently and extremely well by the Youtuber known as IGP.

IGP recently put himself in the line of fire to help the consumer decide what to do about this.

This is not a small sum of money, and I'm going to just directly link to IGP's video here and let you make up your own minds. I've been a journalist for a while now, I've taught the subject and I've spent time with a lot of journalists from magazines and newspapers. This is some damn fine presentation, investigative journalism and says more on the subject of this game than I could put into a few thousand words -- so I am going to let IGP take it from here.

If you want my opinion though, be careful with your money and if you did support this -- I hope it works out for you.

Image for our post from Hollyberrystudio @ DeviantArt.