Riot Games is a company that is well-known for its iconic MOBA, League of Legends. Well, they decided to expand their assortment a bit and they've now announced that they are working on a new fighting game called Project L. This game would have notable LoL heroes facing one another in a typical Street Fighter-like combat. Yes, we can't run away from the LoL IP just yet, but hey, at least it's a new game.

Project L was announced just on time as the company is celebrating 10 years from the release of League of Legends. Several heroes are already confirmed (Katarina, Jinx, Darius, and Ahri), but the roster will surely expand.

Here's what Riot's Tom Cannon had to add on the matter: "What, I think, League of Legends players expect from this game is different but in some ways harmonious with what I think fighting game players expect from this game".

Project L will launch at some point in the future.