As we've just found out on the latest Inside Xbox presentation, a mythological MMO, Atlas will be heading to Xbox One on October 8.

Atlas was initially announced back at the Game Awards 2018 and the same people who stand behind Ark: Survival Evolved. The game was released on PC as a part of the early access on Steam, and initially, it was extremely buggy. Luckily, it got sorted out quickly, but it took one year of constant bug fixing to reach that stage. There's plenty of exploration and mythological elements in this game. You will battle plenty of monsters from different mythologies - hydras, ghost ships, mega whales, and of course, dragons!

The game can support up to 40 000 players at the same time and a cross-play option between PC and Xbox One will also be possible. Developers promise regular updates, so nobody will be left behind. That's certainly good to hear!

Atlas will be joining the Xbox Game Preview on October 8.