A VR action game from Tha Ltd. and Enhance is coming to both PS4 and PSVR in 2020.

In the trailer, we see hordes of people moving along together and clashing against one another in a whole bunch of different ways. Big blocks would people off the edge while launch pads would send them high into the air. The levels themselves are quite varied and creative and I am not really sure how I would call some of them, but they're certainly great.

Here's what the Enhance CEO said on the press conference: "From the first early demo I saw, I couldn't get Humanity out of my head. The whole look and feel of it - manipulating these teeming masses of people - was mesmerizing, especially in VR. I knew right away it could be something special, which is why I couldn't be more excited to help a visionary like Yugo-san [Yugo Nakamura, founder of Tha Ltd.] realize its full potential."

Humanity is coming to PS4 and PSVR at some point next year. The trailer is here: