Minecraft now has more than 112 million active players on a daily basis! Blimey! That's what the latest data from Microsoft suggests.

The game already achieved impressive sales records last October when 91 million active players were registered every month. Now the game set an even higher bar and that's really impressive Here's how Helen Chiang explained this trend: "What we find is that it's a game that players keep coming back to. It may not always be the one that's in the forefront, because there are a lot of great games that continue to come out, but it's one that they love to return to".

Minecraft 2 is very unlikely at this point as they added, and there's no need for it. With regular updates and a chance to re-experience the game's iconic roots via Minecraft Classic, this iteration of the game still has a long way to go. And we hope it will be a REALLY long journey indeed!