Media and Games Online Network have today posted Part 1 of their interview series with some of the team behind C&C: Renegade. This time they are chatting with Sean Decker the Senior Producer. The interview includes 4 new screenshots. Heres a snip:

    MGON: How will the EVA computer program assist players in the field? What sorts of functions will EVA perform, and will you be able to summon EVA to perform specific functions like break into computers or call in air strikes?

    EVA will function primarily as a data link, providing Havoc with the latest intelligence on everything from primary and secondary objectives, to weapons, characters, vehicles and buildings encountered throughout the game. One key element is the MAP that is revealed as the player advances through the game. EVA can also assist in missions that require data acquisition; there are times throughout the game where Havoc can pick up data disks that are in the field of play, when he picks them up, EVA will decipher and download the data. When Havoc's commanding officer, General Locke, gives him new missions, EVA also records that information to memory, and the player can consult EVA on the parameters and objectives of current or past missions.