Cuphead is a damn amazing game and it's already one of the most memorable games that of the modern era. As a result of its market success, the game is getting a DLC in the near future, but even more importantly, the game is actually getting a TV show now as well. Yep, Netflix is very interested to make a Cuphead animated show.

The news were announced by Studio MDHR and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. The Cuphead Show will feature both of our favorite cup heroes (Cuphead and Mugman) and the plot will greatly expand the one that we've seen in the game. Yeah, the devil will be there as well!

Production is being done by Netflix and King Features while the executive producers will be CJ Kettler (well-known for Carmen Sandiego) as well as Chad and Jared Moldenhauer themselves.

No date has been set yet, but here's hoping that the show will come soon enough.