If you have a Nintendo Switch online subscription, you already know that you can play Tetris 99 for free. However, you will now be able to extend the default content by adding in a paid DLC. This addition allows you to play the game in an offline mode.

The Big Block DLC (yes, that's the name) offers two different offline modes. One is a CPU battle which is very similar to the standard online game. In this mode, you are stacked up against 98 enemy bots. We also have a Marathon mode that allows us to play a classic game of Tetris and our goal is to beat the high score (or try to).

A third offline mode will also be up at some point in time ("later this year" as they've said) and it will be available for everyone who purchases the DLC. The Big Block DLC is up for grabs right now and you can get it for $10.39.