Truberbrook is set in a future/past that is modernised 60's swank and is where our main character is dropped into. You play as Tannhauser, an American physicist with a suspiciously German name (that echoes the famous opera?), strung out from the ails of PhD-dom. A relatable problem to those that have perused the degree, Tannhauser aims to work through a mental block by stepping away for a moment and, as mentioned before, finds his way to the mysterious Truberbook.

Not is all that it seems, as Tannhauser quickly realises. Each character is more interesting than the last, distinctly set apart from one another. Exploring and poking things around the place is the sprinkle atop the cupcake--Truberbrook is hauntingly gorgeous. The sceneries you walk through and interact with are actually miniature scale models--we're talking some serious work and love but into these things. It shows too, rivaling some of the best of the big screen and if not otherwise told, you'd be staring at it in awe, not quite knowing what makes it so special. Smartly scanned in and scrubbed up digitally, Truberbrook combines the two for the best of both worlds--coming out with a stunning result that's absolute butter to look at. Even if you're not too interested in story, it's totally worth it to stick around for the visuals themselves. btf GmbH out did themselves with this beauty.

It's a puzzle game, and at the risk of spoiling anything it's best to get in there yourself. What I will tell you, is that Truberbrook is intriguing, gorgeous (but you already knew that), and will pull you in without you even knowing. It's a unique take on just simply sitting down to play a game and one that truly deserves a mention. There are also notable tidbits of awesome such as the voice acting and the wonderful care taken to localise the German to English. It's also got a bit of teeth to it, having around 7-9 hours of gameplay in there and being available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch AND Linux (This one always tells me the developers really put that extra effort in to port) as well as Windows.

It's strange at times, but a treat to take in. Truberbrook's story will engage you, holding your attention all the way through in the palm of it's hand. I can't stress enough how fantastic it is to look at and walk through either. I recommend picking it up if you're looking for something a bit different and outside of the box!