Your name? Eddy F. Teykov. You are a Kite Stunt kid. Seeking adventure wherever the wind takes you. Today you wind up on Farmer Airhard's farm and you are just seeking a B&B until Airhard tells you that there is a Stunt Kite Comp going on. The Farmer proceeds tell you that there are other kids here already flying their kites for the competition. After a brief intro and a past story of the farmers ex-girlfriend and how he beat her at the Kite comp all those years ago. Shockingly you start to say, "you a kite flyer, your old" - Watch your mouth kid I'll beat you anytime of the day. Here is the deal, says the Airhard, if you beat me at Kites, I'll let you stay here, and I might even take you to Santa Breeze myself. Wow, thanks old man! I have some old balloons left over in the barn, if you can pop more than me, you can stay.

These are basic controls. On the Nintendo switch, you press A to lift your kite off the ground and L stick to move the kite in the direction you want. A is also used to dash, dashing is used to pop the balloons. If you are going too fast hold down L to slow down. Collect items as you pop balloons and R to activate them. Avoid the skull balloons at all costs. If the skull balloons are hit, your kite will fall to the ground giving your opponent the upper hand on getting more points than you. If your steadily hitting skulls, you're not gaining points, but if you are in the air and smashing all the balloons, you're on your way to victory. After defeating Farmer Airhard, he tells you that he is Abram Airhard, Six-time national kiting champion. Asking if the farmer has stuck to his agreement, Airhard turns his head slowly and seems alarmed, he sees Brandee. Brandee the bumblebee is back, and he is worried because he fed her. She keeps returning daily for some of the farmers honey, it just so happens that Abram is also a beekeeper. Not amused Eddy tells the farmer that he has had his fun and it's time to... What the heck is that?! That thing is gigantic! The farmer was not kidding, Brandee the bumblebee was huge, and she came prepared with a fork and all.

The Bumblebee Banquet will commence with collecting honeycombs and feeding them to Brandee. Avoid the chestnuts just like you would the skull balloons. You can collect as many honeycombs as possible before feeding them to Brandee. While you are collecting the honeycombs if you hit a chestnut, you will lose all of the honey you had and fall to the ground. So, it has the same concept, with a little twist to it. It was actually fun, more challenging for sure, but fun... After completing the round Airhard becomes winded after all the activity to the point that he has to go rest, he leaves you to train with another kite lover, that being Trixie, his niece. She challenges you to, yet another balloon comp and she is good.

Just as you are about to pack up the Kite Flying, the farmer warns the two of you to get inside before the ghosts come. After getting a weird look from both kids, he tells you that the farm has been haunted for decades. The ghosts appear and everyone picks up their kites ready to rid them. All of these games have the same structure with different kinds of rules. This is a little different than the first two games that you played. You'll actually have a light strapped to your kite and as you fly around only the light will detect the ghost. They are not visible unless they are spotted by the ghost light. This one was a lot harder than the rest, I had to hold down L while floating my kite because the ghosts came from the bottom. So, going slow was my best bet. Either holding the light on them long enough or dashing at them will make them disappear. I wasn't expecting it to be so hard, but it was. Threw me off a little bit. Every time I think I am diving into a kid's game, it turns out to be difficult. After getting thrown into the ghost game next comes the rockets. Farfetched I know, but this time you'll have to avoid them. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a game of who can avoid the most hits. You only have three kites that can be taken down, last one standing wins. After all was said and done you come to find out that Mayor Wyndbag doesn't too much like Abram but shooting rockets all the way from Santa Breeze is a little aggressive. Not that you could call the police because he practically is the police.

After the long introduction to Stunt Kite Party, you unlock a new character to use, the Farmer. The basics are learned, and you are thrown into the mix real fast. No better way to figure out what's going on then jumping right in.

There are so many different types of games that you can play! Kind of blows my mind. Ghosts capture the tail, black hole. It's all here and more, yes, it is going to take some getting used to, but it is a game I can play with my kids for hours. There is non stop fun in every level. The scenery switches up once you complete the level you are currently playing. From the farm to the beach, and the graphics are not half bad at all. A solid game and delivery, I didn't plan on having that much fun, or for that matter getting so into to the game. Unlocking playable characters and having the ability to play with up to four players is brilliant. With the two joy cons, you have two at hand. I bought a corded controller so there is a third for me. the physics of this game is the most difficult. The way to control the kite is by simply turning the L stick left or right. If you hold left on the stick the kite will do a one hundred and eighty degree turn. So, this is not something that you can fully control by swinging your stick back and forth, you'll need to learn how to tilt the stick to one side without getting turned all the way around. If your driving a car, you can turn left or right, yes? You have full control. In this game you only have so much control on where your kite turns, and that is by pressing in one direction. It will take some getting used to.


Overall, a good game. I didn't think it was possible to actually pack so much into a game about kites. Handy Games did a great job. There was a time that I couldn't put the controller down and I think a lot of that had to do with the story line. What was going to come next, who is the next NPC you'll meet? Things of that nature. Without a story I don't think this would have played out as well as it did with me. Being able to unlock characters was a great move. Back in the day, before player customization, a lot of the times you'd only be able to unlock characters to be able to play with later on when playing other modes. For me, it's nostalgic and that's what made not having a custom character easier. To take such a game as this and make it in to a story and having characters developing relationships throughout their journey, great move on the developers. This game is worth checking out and playing with family and friends.