Final Fantasy XV's Episode Aryn will be the conclusion to the epic jRPG that was launched three years ago. To mark that occasion, Square Enix will release one final Active Time Report.

This Active Time Report will take place on March 26 and it will reveal new details on the expansion, the Dawn of the Future novel, as well as the latest content update for Final Fantasy XV.

It will also act as a platform that will thank all fans for their continuous support of the game and players will be able to see Square Enix's notable faces like Yuji Shinoda, Akio Ofuji, and Takeshi Terada.

Final Fantasy XV was released on Xbox One and PS4 back in November 2016. It got plenty of post-release updates and it's been doing great on sales charts from day one. If you didn't play the game yet, now is the time to do so!